About Me

As you can already tell my name is Emily but I'm also known as Emmie. I've lived in Southampton all my life.

I have had Type One Diabetes for 31 years this year (2019). I've got a Medical Detection Dog called Toby, who has been with me for 7 years, who is now retired. Toby has helped me beyond what I imagined possible. When I lost the ability to detect my low blood glucose levels I was partnered with Toby and he gave me back my independence. In the last few years I've gained the confidence to do public speaking to raise money and awareness for the charity, this was something I would never have had the confidence to do before. Towards the end of 2014 I was blessed with the birth of my beautiful son Lewis, who is my driving force to make my life better for both myself and him.

Prior to learning web development I worked within the care industry but due to health changes with my T1D I was no longer able to continue this line of work. Within a new role in Southampton's Community Nursing Services admin team I took on roles around educating staff how to use new technologies, such as blackberries and then notebooks to keep records online with SystemOne. I became a trainer for the SystemOne role out, which was a challenge because not all the staff embraced the new system so needed a bit more convincing and training that paperless records were the way forward. I also worked very closely with the Service Manager in creating a spreadsheet that worked out a daily alert system to define each community nursing teams capacity for new patients.This report was then escalated daily to senior management to liaise with the Hospital Discharge Team. This process was to ensure patients are safely discharged home with a team that could accommodate their nursing needs.

When I became a Mum in 2014 I decided I wanted a change in direction for my career. My influence and inspiration has been in my younger brother Seb, who works in the web development industry and has a keen fascination into Machine Learning. It took me a number of months to get my head round how all the different technologies in development worked and as I've progressed I've found my passion lies more in back-end development and exploring how data can be manipulated and used. Diabetes technology has also come on leaps and bounds and I'm fascinated by it and now Machine Learning is now helping me have tighter controller over my condition on a minute by minute basis.

I'm only starting on my web development journey and I'm exciting about the new skills I can learn and the projects I will take on and succeed at!

Course Completion Certificates

Object Orientated programming

Object Orientated programming


This was the first course I began to learn programming in a language with console command line

Fullstack Web Development

I decided I needed to learning HTMl5, CSS, Php, Mysql and Javascript and how all these technologies work together

Laravel Php Framework

My confidence grow after completing the fullstack course but after researching I learnt about frameworks and how this is the way forward for web development and love the logic of Laravel's MVC

Bootstrap 4

I love using Bootstrap as a front-end design framework

Laravel Chat App

I enjoyed this course and building a app like whatsApp to send messages and see when the other person types using Broadcast and Pusher

Django Python Framework

I really like the ease of programming with a Model View Controller framework and wanted to see what it was like in a different language to Php