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My live Websites and Projects

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find details of my live websites I've created and the projects I have completed. Please use the navbar to view my github repository, CV and feedback from clients.

Your Partnership Diary

In my early days of learning web development I wanted my first website to be truly useful, which led me to approaching a charity called "Hypo Hounds". The charity trains pet dogs to alert their type one diabetic owner or family member of imminent blood sugar changes, to prevent a medical emergency. At the time the CEO, a dear friend of mine, had to manually compare a client's blood glucose diary with the dog's alert diary. The CEO and staff do this to make sure the dog was alerting appropriately and if not, they could see all the data in one place and identify any patterns to then assist the client to get back on track. With my new found confidence with Laravel I created a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application for clients to record all the relevant information required and then stored into a MySql database.

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Stepping Stones Pre-school

My second website was created for the pre-school my son attends. The Manager wanted a site that she could have control over enabling her to edit information, photos and current staff as needed. I created a CRUD application for the back-end management and structure so the Manager has easy control of the content of the website. As an added feature I wanted to implement a testimonials page so parents could leave feedback comments about the pre-school.

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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Ltd

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Ltd is a new company providing drug and alcohol testing for industrial workplaces. There are new regulations coming in that require companies to ensure their employees are not under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. This can have devastating effects on themselves, their work colleagues and possibly the public and the company itself. When I was approached to do the website and we created accompanying forms that would be used to complete the tests. For this site I wanted to explore different front-end frameworks to make the website more attractive. I enjoyed researching the theme and found images of drugs and alcohol under the microscope and the MD agreed it was the right look she wanted. I used materializecss to bring in different colours for the navbar, drag out menus for mobile viewing and most excitingly I used parallax on the header image and two images in between sections. Parallax is an effect that makes the image move at a different speed to the foreground content as the pages is scrolled up or down.

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Laravel Learning Projects


My first Laravel project was to create a blog, where individuals could create an account and add posts with photos, categories within a admin panel. The posts would then be displayed on the main page with navigation functionality to view different posts within a category, tags or user. I also experimented with the image in the post page and turned it into a transition animation image. You can see this in the video below but I think it would be a bit too full on in a real project but it was fun to create.

A video demonstration of the Blog
Screenshots of the Blog

Python Django Learning Projects

After my initial introduction to python I wanted to expand my knowledge and learn about the Django MVC framework. I noted similarities between the two MVC frameworks have but I liked the Object Orientated Programming (OOP) of Django and creating 'apps' for the different elements of the site. Unlike Laravel where you have a directory for all views another for all the controllers etc but with Django within the defined 'app' directory all the views, controller, model and urls are within that directory. The pre-built user account for managing your apps is very easy to use and takes out the need to use a separate development database.

Word Count

My first project was a word count app. The design was very basic with the idea of inserting sentences/paragraphs into the text area and the programme counts all the words. You also get a further break down to tell you how many times a word is used within that sentence/paragraph.

Screenshots of Word Count

Portfolio & Blog

This project involved creating a person portfolio page with contact information and a blog section for posts. This was when I noticed the ease of having the admin panel and easy access to the databases. The advantage of Django admin you do not need to build any 'create' pages because it is already there for you, saving a lot of time when developing the back-end.

Screenshots of the Portfolio & Blog

Product Hunt

This project was the create a clone of a website Product Hunt, where users can up-vote items. With this project unlike the portfolio blog I created the sign up/log in page and built the 'create' view for the adding a product page. This was a more in depth project and learning a different way to code.

Screenshots of the Product Hunt clone

ASP.Net Learning Projects MVC Contacts App

I'm currently studying tutorials for! I've been used to Linux' Ubuntu operating system but it will be good to explore Windows again. This is a simple app building a CRUD system to getting to grips with .net way of coding.

React & Redux Learning Projects

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